The false threat of murderous immigrants, the draconian response, a government agency going rogue—it’s all been seen before and it’s very dangerous.

Is there a moment when a fanatical leader can be stopped before he takes a nation into the abyss? A moment when those with the moral determination to stop him can act before it is too late?

These questions are not academic. Every day Trump stress tests this republic’s defenses against a demagogue.

History has such moments. They need to be heeded.

In Italy the moment came on Aug. 16, 1924.

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7 thoughts on “It Is Happening Here, Trump Is Already Early-Stage Mussolini

  1. During the 2016 presidential campaigns my wife stumbled av4 upon a Japanese language online documentary comparing the campaign speeches of Trump and Hitler. The rhetoric was alarmingly similar, so much so that you could be forgiven for thinking that in some cases Trump had done no more than convert Hitler’s speeches into an American context, for example, replacing ‘Jew’ with ‘immigrant’. At the time I thought the documentary was somewhat alarmist as from a NZ perspective US politics is usually somewhat alarming. But as they say, hindsight is 20/20 vision. I do hope the good folk of America don’t leave the gaining of hindsight too late.

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    • The comparison is apropos. Americans today are no different than Italians of the 1920s or Germans of the 1930s. And, that is what’s so scary about this situation. The people’s hostility has turned inwards. The November election will be key. If Trump wins again, I fear the worst will happen.

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  2. The US foster care system currently has lost 1500 children. Now we have 2000 immigrant children incarcerated with no plan for reunification. Some of these children are already missing. Children are worth a lot of money on the sex trade black market. I am so disgusted with our government. Melanie’s coat on her visit to the incarcerated children was an accurate statement about these people. They have no ethics and no morality.

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