In cities and counties across the country — including Little Rock, Ark.; Phoenix, Ariz.; southeast Michigan; central Utah; and here in Tennessee — the Koch brothers are fueling a fight against public transit, an offshoot of their longstanding national crusade for lower taxes and smaller government.

At the heart of their effort is a network of activists who use a sophisticated data service built by the Kochs, called i360, that helps them identify and rally voters who are inclined to their worldview. It is a particularly powerful version of the technologies used by major political parties.

In places like Nashville, Koch-financed activists are finding tremendous success.

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8 thoughts on “How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country

  1. This and these two brothers absolutely INFURIATE ME!!!!! 🤬 They are actually very NON-American, enemies of the state(?) as far as our nation’s founding principles of equality and opportunity, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the nation’s less-fortunate and genuinely disadvantaged that DEPEND GREATLY on public services and programs!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT let their fake-fronts of philanthropy fool ya… they are subtle megalomaniac oligarchs for a plutocracy — they veil the B.S. in the guise of “low taxes & small government” while kissing your caucausin babies to John Philip Sousa’s Stars & Stripes Forever. Meanwhile, the economic inequality GAP continues to widen and widen… as it has been since 1946. What a F*CKIN FARCE these two are!!!!

    Robert, can I tell you how I REALLY feel? 😡 🙄

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    • Public transit, Americans for Prosperity says, goes against the liberties that Americans hold dear. “If someone has the freedom to go where they want, do what they want,” Ms. Venable said, “they’re not going to choose public transit.”

      BULL-F*CKIN’ SHIT!!!! Not true, not true, not AT ALL TRUE! I am a white American, colleged degreed, with an automobile and every time I can ride DART (buses or light-rail) I do it for 4 major reasons:

      1) – Economic benefits of saving my own gas and money!
      2) – Ecofriendly benefits for Earth; much less fossil fuels burned!
      3) – For much lower stress-levels (cortisol)! …and…
      4) – Safety and significant decrease of being involved in collisions with crazy drivers, and THUS lower and lower auto-insurance rates!

      It is literally a no-brainer!!! There is NOTHING these two men nor their “Americans for Prosperity” — what a f*ckin BOGUS BLATANT LIE/DECEPTION of a name! — could EVER counter against those 4 critically intelligent reasons for public transit! In mid-size cities too!

      Koch brothers = toxic pestulence that must be stopped for the sake of the U.S.A. and planet Earth!!!!!

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