President Donald Trump said Saturday that his relationships with other Western leaders are perfect, but the truth is the transatlantic alliance has never been so split.

Trump angrily hit back at suggestions that he had thrown the West into turmoil at the G7 summit in Canada, branding a question over any downturn in relations as “fake news.” Yet Trump showed up late and left early from a summit that highlighted gaping divides within the bloc of democratic industrialized nations that America nurtured.

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22 thoughts on “The West is in crisis, despite Trump’s glowing assessment

  1. No one (at least that I’m aware of) has addressed the REASON why tRumpsky left the G7 summit early. I mean, think about it. His meeting with Kim isn’t until Tuesday. There’s no doubt he wanted to “send a message” to the others, but was this the real reason?

    How many would vote for the fact he went to play golf … and RELAX from his “stressful” duties as POTUS … not to mention the energy it took to fight with the G7 members.

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