WASHINGTON — The FBI warned on Friday that Russian computer hackers had compromised hundreds of thousands of home and office routers and could collect user information or shut down network traffic.

The U.S. law enforcement agency urged the owners of many brands of routers to turn them off and on again and download updates from the manufacturer to protect themselves.

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  1. Absolutely. There’s this “all opinions are just opinions and they’re all equal” idea that’s prevalent in the thinking of far too many who read the trolls and identify with them. While everyone has an equal right to an opinion, all opinions, or statements about how the world works, are NOT equal. Ken Ham’s “opinions” on climate change and the age of the earth are not in any way equal to those of Bill Nye’s. Nye’s “opinions” are based on facts and evidence, and painstaking research, not simply, “THE BIBLE SAYS SO!” Too many people are unable, and/or unwilling, to develop the skills to think critically and skeptically of their OWN thought processes. “I might be wrong. Perhaps Bill Nye really does know more than I do on climate change. I need to listen to him.” It’s SO much easier to base our beliefs on our “gut” instinct and on what we WANT to be true. The lack of education, decent, liberal, education in our country is destroying us. No one knows how to think, yet everyone thinks they’re absolute right in what they believe. Trump is in power because of it, IMO.

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    • Wow, you said it way better than me! That’s exactly right. Our egos get the better of us. I told my wacky evangelical neighbor once: “You wouldn’t try to tell an airline pilot how to fly the plane, would you?” She answered: “Yes, I would!” How can we deal with stupidity like that?

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