WASHINGTON — As the Trump administration reached a deal Friday to reduce sanctions on the Chinese telecom giant ZTE, Congress has shown rare unity in working to prevent the president from giving in to the foreign-backed company in a way that would compromise national security.


The telecom company is considered by the intelligence community to be a mechanism for espionage by, in part, selling phones in the U.S. that can be tracked and enabled to steal intellectual property.

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5 thoughts on “Congress sounds bipartisan alarm as Trump deals on ZTE

  1. Just read the updated news. This action just reinforces my belief that this man is an island unto himself. When he took this office, he did it for the sole purpose of accomplishing what HE wanted in relation to the U.S. and its activities (and what would further enhance his ego) — all of which he spelled out in his many “campaign” speeches.

    Now that he’s been elected — and without some kind of major legal action — he is going to DO EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS. Period.

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