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1st amendment Today, the National Football League (NFL) took it upon itself to slash the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  The owners implemented a new rule that teams and therefore players will be fined if they take a knee on the field during the national anthem.  Now, they are allowed to remain off the field during the playing of the anthem, but they cannot show their protest as Colin Kaepernick did in August 2016.  Washington Post columnist EJ Dionne said it well …Dionne-tweetCommissioner Roger Goodell had this to say …

“The policy adopted today was approved in concert with the NFL’s ongoing commitment to local communities and our country — one that is extraordinary in its scope, resources, and alignment with our players. We are dedicated to continuing our collaboration with players to advance the goals of justice and fairness in all corners of our society.

The efforts by…

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  1. Just another example of how the majority of American citizens DO NOT FULLY GRASP THE EXTENT of our Declarations of Independence, our full Constitution with Amendments, and the full implicit meanings of liberties WITH civil responsibilities in both public domains and private domains. WHY THA FUCK DON’T NFL LEADERS and NFL FRANCHISE OWNERS have an adequate, functioning understanding of exactly what the First Amendment means, particularly freedom of PEACEABLE expression for ALL CITIZENS that include professional football players!? WTH?

    I hope all of the entire team STAY inside the locker rooms with their 1-3 peaceably protesting teammates!

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    • Me too, Professor. Staying inside during the anthem would be my choice. Furthermore, I think playing national anthems at sporting events was a bad tradition to start; and, that should be quite obvious now.

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      • NFL football, and honestly most all other American sports are ultimately entertainment — just within the last 2-4 decades, HIGH STAKES entertainment with millions/billions of dollars at stake. As such, are we now expected to stand-up inside every cinema-theater before every movie? Or in an auditorium before every opera or concert? Or inside pubs, bars & grills, or restaurants? At comedy shows, music concerts, and banquets too? By NOT requiring a prelude national anthem stand-up are those organizations and businesses going to now be fined or sit in jail for a night?

        What sort of precedent does Roger Goodell and the multi-billion (trillion?) dollar revenue-generating NFL want to really set or impose?

        And as a sidenote, are American sports franchises considered part of our GDP? I’m not sure, but thought I’d ask. 🙂

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