“Kelly Sims, the director of Tufts University’s Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, tells Science Magazine that the cancellation of CMS will have a negative effect on the national emission agreements that are part of Paris climate accords.”

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May 15, 2018 09:22 PM EDT

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Trump administration has cut funding for NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System, which is a crucial program tracking carbon emissions using information from aircrafts and satellites.
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Following an all-time-high monthly average of carbon dioxide concentration, the Trump administration shuts down NASA’s multimillion research line, the Carbon Monitoring System.

The agency’s $10 million per year CMS program has played a huge role in monitoring the planet’s carbon dioxide and methane emissions, providing consolidated data that’s used all around the world.

What Is The CMS?

Matt McGrath, BBC News environmental correspondent, explains that a lot of nations track carbon emissions by estimating how much fuel they use in the different industries. However, this method is very inaccurate and often easy to cheat.

What CMS does is develop a more efficient system based on satellites and aircraft…

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    • Ah, but according to Trump there’s nothing wrong with greed. Greed is an asset that gives you an advantage over those who aren’t. And you can only be great if you make others less so. Isn’t that the entire philosophy behind Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign?

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