New NASA Study Solves Climate Mystery, Confirms Methane Spike Tied to Oil and Gas

By Sharon Kelly

Over the past few years, natural gas has become the primary fuel that America uses to generate electricity, displacing the long-time king of fossil fuels, coal. In 2019, more than a third of America’s electrical supply will come from natural gas, with coal falling to a second-ranked 28 percent, the Energy Information Administration predicted this month, marking the growing ascendency of gas in the American power market.

But new peer-reviewed research adds to the growing evidence that the shift from coal to gas isn’t necessarily good news for the climate.

A team led by scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirmed that the oil and gas industry is responsible for the largest share of the world’s rising methane emissions—which are a major factor in climate change—and in the process the…

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9 thoughts on “NASA Solves Climate Mystery, Confirms Methane Spike Tied to Oil & Gas

  1. Methane is New Zealand’s major contribution to global warming, and the source of ours is natural gas – although of a different kind: the collective gaseous output of some 30 – 40 million ruminants.

    We have a carbon emissions trading scheme to manage global warming emissions, but currently the farming sector is exempt. Too many farmers objected to what they termed a “fart tax”.

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