It was a night of victories for at least seven Democratic women running for the House in a state that has an all-male congressional delegation of 20 and a Statehouse dominated by male politicians. Female candidates showed strength in nearly every region of Pennsylvania, from the Philadelphia suburbs to the conservative southwest.


The women won in districts that were redrawn to replace a gerrymandered Republican map that the State Supreme Court ruled illegal in January. The new map of the state’s 18 House districts — and the ebullience it set off among Democrats hoping to capture the House of Representatives in the midterms — put Pennsylvania front-and-center among four states that held primaries on Tuesday.

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8 thoughts on “Women Score Major Victories in House Primary Races in Pennsylvania

    • It shows why gerrymandering is so effective. Pennsylvania is one of the few states where GOP redistricting efforts have been reversed. The stumbling block for Dems is the electoral defeats they’ve suffered in governorships and state legislatures since 2010 – and, they bear most of the responsibility for that debacle.

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  1. True. Here in Illinois, it looks like our piece of shit Governor, Bruce “Shit-Head” Rauner will most likely have his conservative ass handed to him in November by J.B. Pritzker. Rauner’s one of the most vile, despicable pieces of garbage ever to be a governor, and he has been entirely useless.

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