TOKYO — North Korea has a message for U.S. President Donald Trump ahead of next month’s summit: Don’t listen to your new hard-line national security adviser, John Bolton.

After announcing early Wednesday that it was pulling out of high-level talks with Seoul because of a new round of U.S.-South Korean military exercises, the North took aim at Bolton and said it might have to reconsider whether to proceed with the summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un because it doubts how seriously Washington actually wants peaceful dialogue.

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5 thoughts on “Analysis: Ahead of summit, North Korea lobs barbs at Bolton

  1. Welp, there goes Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize. You know, I’m most definitely not a fan of North Korea and ‘Lil Kimmy, but goodie for them on this one. You tell ’em where to stick it, ‘Lil Kimmy! You tell ’em!

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