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The well-planned. “hail Mary” rescue of Michael Cohen crafted by former federal prosecutor Giuliani for Donald Trump is now being played out on live TV while the pundits are still calling it a mistake by big mouthed Giuliani. No this is not a mistake. It is a well planned and clever ruse to defuse the potential case of federal prosecutors that Cohen evaded elections laws by making an illegal contribution to hush up Stormy Daniels.

So the narrative they have devised is that Cohen just used Trump’s “retainer” payments of $35.000/ month to pay off Daniels and therefore it could not be considered a specific TIMED payment made to hush her up before the election. Very clever. The fact that both Trump and Cohen lied about where the money came from is just accepted as irrelevant facts in their narrative.

This elaborate spate of revelations shows how desperate…

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