Brilliant, insightful essay on the socially destabilizing effects of inequality – highly recommended reading.

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Leonard R. Rogers was the subject of a 1954 article called “Boss Of Million Dollar Firm At Age Of 21 Is No Pipe Dream.” Rogers, whose company was responsible for 75 per cent of America’s business in tobacco pouches, was radically revamping the mega-corporation. When Rogers took over the company founded 50 years earlier by his grandfather he quickly realized that some of the long time company executives knew nothing about anything that was happening outside their department (bubble). Thus, he made the decision to re-organize the company by rolling heads and dissolving positions, i.e. Too many chiefs and not enough indians.

Catalan human-towersHuman towers in the traditional Catalan Festival

Too many chiefs and not enough Indians” was also the phrase my father liked to use. When we were down in Brazoria County, Texas, working my paternal grandparents cattle and land during one or two of the…

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      • Agreed. It is more for the unscientific novice, but at least it’s getting the science out there, which is good even though I’m quite sure it isn’t reaching all the audiences that REALLY REALLY need to be intrigued by it and explore/study more. :/

        I had no idea about the blue-blood of Horseshoe Crabs! Is that not freaky cool!? 🤩

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        • Yeah, that is freaky! The color is weird, sort of a light pastel blue or turquoise. And, the anti-bacterial properties of its blood is both impressive and promising for medical research.

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