By Robert A. Vella

It’s Monday;  so, we can’t expect a lot of good news, right?  Poison appears to be today’s major theme.

From:  Cancer-causing weedkiller found in food, FDA emails reveal

Crackers, granola and cereal one Food and Drug Administration official brought from his home tested positive for a widely used chemical linked to cancer in 2017 — but the results were never made public, according to a report.

A freedom of information request from The Guardian revealed that chemist Richard Thompson told his colleagues about the test in an internal FDA email from last January when he found glyphosate residue on his food products.

The results have yet to be released.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in hundreds of herbicides, like Roundup, used in food production across the country. More than 200 million pounds of the weedkiller are used annually, according to the nonprofit U.S. Right to Know.


The makers of Roundup — Monsanto — are currently engaged in a legal battle that will go to court in June. The company is trying to block allegations that glyphosate causes cancer from being released in court.

From:  Exclusive: Democrats lose ground with millennials – Reuters/Ipsos poll

Enthusiasm for the Democratic Party is waning among young voters, so-called millennials, as its candidates head into the crucial midterm congressional elections, according to the Reuters/Ipsos national opinion poll.


The Reuters/Ipsos poll surveyed young voters during the first three months of this year and the same period in 2016.

Only 28 percent of those polled expressed overt support for Republicans in the 2018 poll – about the same percentage as two years earlier.

But that does not mean the rest will turn out to back Democrats, the survey showed. A growing share of voters between ages 18 and 34 years old said they were undecided, would support a third-party candidate or not vote at all.

The shift away from Democrats was more pronounced among white millennials – who accounted for two-thirds of all votes cast in that age group in 2016.

Two years ago, young white people favored Democrats over Republicans for Congress by a margin of 47 to 33 percent; that gap vanished by this year, with 39 percent supporting each party.

The shift was especially dramatic among young white men, who two years ago favored Democrats but now say they favor Republicans over Democrats by a margin of 46 to 37 percent, the Reuters/Ipsos poll showed.

From:  White House Correspondents’ Association: Michelle Wolf’s routine ‘not in the spirit’ of our mission

White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) President Margaret Talev on Sunday lamented that comedian Michelle Wolf’s routine during the organization’s annual dinner was “not in the spirit” of its mission.

Talev said in a statement late Sunday that she has heard from members of the association that Wolf’s performance did not reflect well on the WHCA’s efforts to celebrate journalism and the First Amendment.


Talev said she and Olivier Knox, who will take over as WHCA president this summer, are open to suggestions on how to adjust the event’s format moving forward.

Wolf caused an uproar in Washington on Saturday after she delivered a searing 20-minute set at the annual gala that took aim at President Trump, Vice President Pence, Ivanka Trump, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and others.

She mocked the media for benefitting off of Trump’s rise, and jabbed at Democrats for their lack of electoral success.

Her comments proved divisive among journalists. Some joined conservative commentators in voicing that Wolf went too far, particularly in her jokes aimed at Sanders.

Celebrities and a number of other journalists have defended Wolf, arguing that she did what she was hired to do in roasting the current administration. Others pointed out that the president has made vulgar remarks and pushed conspiracy theories without apologizing.

Monsanto, Millennials, and uptight morons who can’t take a joke and enjoy a little political humor… lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Hope the rest of the week brings better news.


6 thoughts on “Bad News Monday: Poison in our food, a poison poll for Dems, and a poisonous response to humor

  1. Until something else happens, I say Republicans will destroy the Dems in November. DESTROY them. This will lead to Trump feeling he has a mandate from Americans to continue destroying it. I hope I’m wrong, but I do not think I am. There simply are not enough people who vote in this country. Republicans, no matter how disgusting they are, ALWAYS vote and ALWAYS get behind their candidates. We’re doomed.
    The snowflakery of Trumpists when it comes to this comedian is simply stunning. These precious little dears are the most hyper-sensitive tiny darlings I’ve ever seen. My god, they’re melting so hard over this, you can actually hear the water hit the floor when they speak. Fucking babies.

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      • I hope so, but all I ever hear about is this massive group of white males who LOVE Trump and the Republicans and give them almost unlimited political power. There is simply no checks and balances at any level of government when it comes to Trump and his party of thugs. I really hope I’m wrong, but it is very hard not to be overwhelmed with the dark pessimism this crap causes. Plus, the fucking Dems are wimps, fight against progressives and their ideas, and practically hand elections over to the Republicans with their idiotic behavior and cowardice. UGH!

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  2. Oh I’m afraid I agree with you, Inspired. I read the link to the millennials starting to favor the republicans….not good.

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    • Yep. Not looking good. But, on the other hand, I often wonder about polls like this and polls in general. As a white male, I constantly have to listen to how much polls show that white males worship the ground Trump walks on. I don’t. I didn’t get a college degree until I was almost 40 and at no point before I had it would I have supported Trump or Republicans. I’m working class/very poor, and I friggin’ HATE this guy and everything Republicans stand for. No one has ever polled me or anyone else I know. If they would, I’ve give them an earful about my feelings on this. I just wonder how diverse of a sample these polls dip into to get their data. I’m not a millennial, but the ones I know do not support Trump or lean Republican. What’s the wording of the questions on these polls, I wonder? If I were asked about the Dems, I’d rant on about them for hours, but in NO way does that mean I lean Republican, though some might think that given my displeasure with Dems. Any way, here’s to hoping I’m wrong about my November predictions, but with the pathetic voter turn outs we have in our country, and the over-all love white people, young and old, supposedly have for Trump and Republicans, I’m pretty certain I won’t be.

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