18 thoughts on “Graph of the Day: Correlation between rising atmospheric CO2 levels and global temperature

  1. When I first heard about global warming back in the 1990’s then began reading the scholarly and scientific journals about climatology, its DIRECT impact on our ecology and the subsequent domino-effect in EVERY aspect of human life, I was saddened that if major changes were not made then, now, and continued in the future, by the year 2100, when I’m dead-n-gone, my grandchildren and great grandchildren would be suffering, perhaps horribly. 😢 This greatly disturbed me.

    Because things haven’t changed significantly enough quickly enough since the 1990’s — except for helping the Ozone Layer — HOLY F*CKING CRAP… this could happen now during MY OWN LIFE and will indeed be happening in my CHILDREN’S lifetime!!! 😨 I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that humanity does NOT WANT a species-extinction event (like the dinosaurs) in any form!!! This forced me to shockingly recognize real fast that if that “tipping point of no return” is reached (which is not too far off) it will get beyond my worst nightmare imaginations! And do I even want to consider the conditions my grandchildren and great grandchildren will be facing!!!? 💀☢️ ☣️ 🔥 🌪 🌊🌡

    Wake up people/Americans! Do not be the proverbial frog in the frying pan!!! Geeezzz. 😔

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      • Ahhh, that’s right. I remember that now that you mention it, though I didn’t pay too much attention to The Greenhouse Effect in the 60’s or 70’s. When I was that age the big deal was Communism, Vietnam, the oil crisis, and then Watergate — throw in the Iran Hostages too. I was a young wipper-snapper then. 😉

        But it is glaringly obvious that this entire problem began during the Industrial Revolution and was exponentially exacerbated by Rockefeller, Standard Oil, and subsequent unfettered capitalism. 😒

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        • Professor, I believe that we’re past the tipping point. The climate scientists have confirmed that the ice caps are melting from above and below at faster rates that previously predicted. Even if we stopped using fossil fuels worldwide this year, the atmosphere and ocean are still overheated.

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  2. Well we can thank the republicans when denial started years back and it was then as it is now, about money. Short term gain for long term disaster.

    They throw in alittle religious denial and “god will take care of it all” for the braindead….and there you go.

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  3. I think Carl Sagan said it best…..about when any civilization reaches a certain point of technology, that civilization destroys itself. I think the greed and lust for power and control has always been present, but the technology and the ability to rape natural resources is heightened to a point of no return. If we aren’t there yet, we are very close.
    Add into that mix all the religious promoting BS, social problems, hatred of those who are different and the dumbing down of education and you have a recipe for disaster.

    We may be in the end times, but it’s not from a god, but strictly from ourselves.

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