In this thought-provoking editorial, Jill Dennison asks herself if Trump-fatigue will result in a “blue wave” this November, if Americans’ political devolution is real, if historical trends in midterm elections will redress incumbent Republican fortunes, and if GOP candidates can be successful in 2018 running on Trump’s coattails.
These are all excellent questions for everyone to consider because this isn’t just about politics. Jill is essentially asking Americans what kind of nation do they want, and what kind of people do they wish to be. Is it an angry, bitter, combative, and regressive one? Or, do Americans really see themselves as rational, compassionate, cooperative, and progressive?
The 2018 midterms may or may not definitively answer her questions, for they spark the long unresolved debate over human nature versus nurture. However, one thing I can say for certain. The America of today is neither the nation nor the people I grew up to know and admire.

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So many of us have high hopes for the mid-term elections in November.  The republican candidates, democrats say, are running scared of that big “blue wave” — the vast majority of voters who will vote the democratic ticket simply because Trump has been such an abomination, a failed experiment.  And it may well be that the GOP is running … well, if not exactly ‘scared’, at least nervous.  And so … they have developed a strategy:  emulate Trump.  If it worked for Donald Trump in 2016, it can, they believe, work for them in 2018.  What they fail to consider is that in more than a year of Trump, many of us have soured on him, seen him for the brash, crass monster he really is, and we will do everything in our power to ensure there are no more like him.  But, am I right? 🤔

Mike Braun, the…

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  1. Good read and someone on her blog had been drinking too much koolaid.
    Midterms will be a turning point in two ways….trying to undo the damage trump has done and will continue to do and to see if voter participation increases. It will tell us where we are headed and either give hope or despair to normal decent rational people. Whoever thought that many so called religious people would support a man and party like this. I think their hypocrisy is showing.

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