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Great Pacific Garbage Patch - NOAA

Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Photo Credit: Marine Debris NOAA

Today is Earth Day 2018. The theme this year is End Plastic Pollution in response to the exponential growth of plastic waste that now poses a threat to human survival owing to its un-biodegradable nature. When exposed to water, sun, or other elements, our plastic waste breaks down into tiny particles invisible to the naked eye. These particles – called microplastics – now contaminate our drinking water, seafood, or even the salt we add to our meals.

Earth Day Network (EDN) sums up the scope of this threat with the following 10 facts of plastic in our oceans.

Plastic waste floating in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Honduras

Plastic waste floating in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Honduras
Photo Credit: U.K. Daily Mail

Fact #1 – About 8 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans every year.

Fact #2 – Five massive patches of plastics are growing…

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20 thoughts on “Earth Day 2018: End Plastic Pollution

  1. I understand the ease of plastic products, but it seems someday soon something similar to plastic, but biodegradable, will have to be invented or our oceans will pass the point of no return.

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  2. Have you seen, heard, or read that much of our marine biology/animals have been trying to consume all these bits of plastic, thinking it is “FOOD,” some of it being consumed, but then killing that animal. Sometimes this “food” reaches human plates and consumption as well from fisheries. The ecological effects are devasting as well… of course! 😦

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    • I think a big part of the problem is the culture in which we are raised. Ours is a materialistic, consumer-based, and throw-away society. Instant gratification and disposability feed our natural laziness and thoughtlessness. If the consequences of our actions are out of sight, then they’ll likely be out of mind as well.

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    • Religion is often the culprit here with their “god will take care of it all…it’s in his hands business” and the other more extreme crowd who welcome the destruction because they believe, in their irrational brain, that it’s bringing about the end times and they…the lucky chosen few…get to go to heaven while the other 3/4 get to rot in hell.

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      • Yes, I understand both those scenarios (15+ years as a believer). But IMO, the religious are looking more towards a cataclysmic event … or a world war … to usher in the “end days.”

        What I see here is a more gradual destruction by laziness and pure lack of concern and care for the planet we live on.

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