New Zealand has stunned the energy industry by slapping a new cap on drilling for oil and gas in its waters as part of efforts to combat climate change.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Thursday that the government will “no longer be granting any new offshore oil and gas exploration permits.”

“This is another step on our transition away from fossil fuels and towards a carbon neutral economy,” Ardern said in a speech.

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18 thoughts on “New Zealand stuns oil industry with offshore drilling ban

      • Our country has made me feel like an old punching bag that just gets beat and pounded on relentless, every day, with no end in sight. Well, if Cohen pleads the fifth today at this hearing they’re having in Washington about the FBI raid, maybe I’ll feel a bit better.

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        • I’m hip. Yesterday, one of the young lady baristas at my local espresso stand went on a rant because customers were expressing concern over Trump’s air strikes against Syria. “It was justified!” she said loudly.


        • So’s taking a dump when you need to, but it still stinks to high heaven when you do. I wonder if people like this young woman are even remotely aware of the fact Assad has gassed his people many times without even a hiccup of a response from us.

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        • I’m sure she wasn’t aware. Her reaction sounded to me like cultural indoctrination or at least a cultural mindset. When I gave her some historical perspective related to the current situation in Syria, she conceded that Trump’s air strikes could be very risky.

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  1. Stunned? Unless the oil industry has had its head in the sand for some time, warning signs were in the air prior to last September’s general election that a centre-left government would halt new offshore exploration. I suspect the Greens might have wanted to apply the ban to onshore exploration as well, but this is a good start.

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  2. Forgot to mention: Exploration is not completely banned. Existing permits will be honoured, which means exploration and drilling won’t totally cease for another 30 years.

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