11 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Conservative lament over Impeachment

  1. That does make me feel better. Hope there are more like him who think that way on the right. Rush Limbaugh has said some things not so supportive of him too. I mean, COME ON!! This guy is as filthy and corrupt as they come. You’ve heard, I’m sure, that the FBI is claiming Cohen is not even really a lawyer since the ONLY person he works for is Trump. Can we say “Tom Hagen” anyone? Except Vito Corleone wasn’t a big baby like Trump is.

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    • Exactly. Even though the character of Don Vito was a criminal, he was a respected figure. Not even Trump’s own supporters respect him as a human being. They always have mostly seen him as a political means to an end. The second-thoughts they’re having now are not really new.

      I think I’ve understood Trump supporters from the very beginning. They are intensely ideological; and, because of that, an ethically flawed man like Trump was bound to offend their sensibilities sooner or later. I believe much of the lament they are feeling now comes from their shame of jumping on his contemptible bandwagon. In other words, it results from the ideology versus pragmatism theme I’ve repeatedly discussed on this blog. Idealists, in their purist form, create this dilemma for themselves because mere human beings cannot continually meet such lofty goals.

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      • Very true. Thus, IMO, the value of a liberal education where the processes of critical thought and healthy skepticism are taught and valued. People must learn to think and reason clearly for themselves and not seek populist blowhards to “fix” their problems for them–especially blowhards like Trump. Can you imagine how utterly miserable it must be to be any where near that guy right now? He must be going mad. The walls are closing in, and he has no true out. He can fire Mueller and Rosenstein, but this stuff is NOT going away. THIS is his legacy.

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