The Extinction Chronicles

By Sean Breslin  weather.com

At a Glance

  • A new study has found the Gulf Stream is circulating at its slowest rate in at least 1,600 years.
  • Climate change is to blame for the slowdown, the study also concluded.
  • If the circulation stops completely, it would have catastrophic impacts on our weather.

For years, scientists have studied a spot in the North Atlantic Ocean that has bucked the trend of a warming world. Now, they know what impact this colder-than-average region is having on the Gulf Stream.

According to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature, the Gulf Stream is flowing at its slowest rate in at least 1,600 years, and climate change is the likely culprit…

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2 thoughts on “Global Warming Has Made Gulf Stream Slowest in 1,600 Years, and That Could Impact Our Weather

  1. Very disconcerting news, Robert. Changes are taking place faster that our climate scientists had predicted. We-humans have to seriously consider how we will prepare our youngest generation of offspring for what is coming.

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