WASHINGTON (AP) — Four senators — two Republicans and two Democrats — are taking a step to protect special counsel Robert Mueller’s job as President Donald Trump muses about firing him.

Legislation offered on Wednesday by Republicans Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Democrats Chris Coons of Delaware and Cory Booker of New Jersey would give any special counsel a 10-day window to seek expedited judicial review of a firing.

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9 thoughts on “As Trump fumes, senators craft a bill to protect Mueller

  1. They gotta hurry up with this. I thunk our Traitor ‘N Chief will likely fire at least Rosenstein by or during the weekend. The level of complete corruption that Republicans and their voters are allowing to rip this country apart is sickening.

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    • Last night, I watched a new FRONTLINE documentary on how Trump defeated the GOP establishment and took over the party. It was quite revealing when the politics of the last 2 years was contextualized and condensed into an hour-long film. Now that congressional Republicans are retiring at a record pace, the only things standing in Trump’s way are the Mueller investigation and the midterms this fall. He must be defeated.

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      • Absolutely. Now would be a perfect time for pussy cat Paul Ryan to start calling for impeachment, too. He’s got nothing to lose, and by the time he decides to run for senator or some such thing, tRump will be gone. Will he do this? MEOW!!! No f-ing way!

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    • What simply blows my mind is how his supporters are convinced that this whole situation is being “staged” by the “Liberals” — and their “leader” is as pure as the driven snow.

      I mean, I actually TRY to not be swayed by CNN, MSNBC, etc. and just listen to newscasts. But when certain events are being reported on, it seems to me you’d REALLY have to be stupid not to figure out something isn’t quite right.

      But then, I suppose the same thing was going on with Nixon so I guess there will always be the ostriches and the placement of their heads.

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      • Oh, I think this is like Nixon on steroids! Thing is, ALL the people involved in the Trump investigation, are REPUBLICANS! ALL of them. They’re as right wing as it comes. But, unlike tRump’s mindless supporters, they believe in the rule of law and are trying to follow it. To STILL back Trump after all of this disgusting corruption is a sign that far too many in our country are idiots. Pure, unadulterated, unfettered idiots. For only a true, pure, untainted idiot lets him or her self, be violently used and screwed over by a madman only to say, “Thank you, Sir, may I please have some more?!”

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