By Robert A. Vella

Damaging storms are forecast to hit the U.S. Midwest and South this week as warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico collides with a mass of cold polar air pushed south by warming Arctic Ocean waters.

Over the weekend, the second largest protest demonstration in U.S. history was conducted by March for Our Lives supporters calling for gun control measures in the wake of the deadly mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  Hundreds of thousands turned out in Washington D.C. alone and about two million nationwide.  The protest signs conveyed messages of urgency over the gun violence crisis which continues to tear the heart out of America’s soul.

A new scientific study on a massive garbage patch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean reported it to be twice the size of Texas, weighing 80,000 tons, and containing 1.8 million pieces of plastic.

However, the storms of extreme weather, peaceful protests, and polluting garbage, were overshadowed by a political storm swirling around America’s Megalomaniac-in-Chief – President Donald Trump.  Last night on CBS’ 60 Minutes, porn star Stormy Daniels explained her sexual affair with The Donald as well as the hush-money she was paid to keep her mouth shut before the 2016 election and the thinly veiled threats warning her not to go public with the story.

I’m looking out the window right now and all I see is ominous dark clouds.  Oh my, it sure is a stormy Monday!

17 thoughts on “Oh my, it sure is a stormy Monday!

  1. My (Republican) partner made this comment related to Stormy going to the D’s room … Well, what do you expect? She’s a whore.

    The point he (and most others on “that” side) is obviously missing is she was threatened to keep her mouth shut related to the “visit.”

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    • Exactly, their sexual interaction was consensual. What happened afterwards was not, and that’s why this has become a national issue.

      I mean no disrespect to your partner, but I would argue against that slur. Adult film actors work in a legal occupation just like any other movie actor. Calling someone a “whore” without any personal knowledge of the individual other than knowing their occupation is ignorant at best and purposefully insulting at worst. She is a human being, and I found her story very credible.

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      • Oh I totally agree with you! And no problem with the “disrespect” part. His personal outlook on life (and politics) has been contentious for me on more than one occasion. However, as with most couples, we’ve pretty much learned not to discuss certain subjects. 🙂

        This was actually a passing comment because he wasn’t watching the interview but happened to come into the room as she was talking about “the invitation.”

        In any case, I do hope tRumpsky “gets his dues” on this incident.

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    • Nan,

      When men say “She’s a whore” I can’t tell you how badly that rubs me wrong and gets WAY UNDER my skin — near ready to go ballistic on him!!! 🤬 😡

      There are SO MANY wrong, imbecile, and inhumane connotations behind that phrase it’s probably too long to list all of them here. First of all, does the guy even realize that it is HIS GENDER that not only has kept the porn-sex business in existence since the beginning of time, but also STILL keeps it in business and growing!? Second, it wasn’t Larry the Cable Guy she was meeting privately in his hotel room. It was the Presidential candidate of the R’pub party that invited her in his hotel — she didn’t break into his room! — and while his wife was pregnant!!!

      Why is this and similar situations like it ALWAYS ABOUT THE WOMAN ONLY!!!!!???? Can everyone say misogynistic Neanderthal patriarchy? Man, that bullshit gets my goat!!!!! 😡

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      • Gets my goat too, PT. And more! But unfortunately at this point in the game, all I can do is ignore his insensitivity. Any negative comment(s) would have started a fight.

        In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have said anything “in public.” But it was such a cheap shot, I guess I couldn’t help myself.

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        • I understand Nan. But as part of my bone-head Neanderthal gender, it is always my obligation to confront men who say things like that, or worse have that sort of attitude and behavior toward women. If we MEN don’t let other men know that sort of derogatory remark is highly inappropriate and just WRONG, then we’ve already seen how things turn out (and NOT change) when it is only women standing up for women! 😩

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  2. tRump has to HATE this. Daniels’ lawyer is just the right kind of boisterous tough guy/bully type to really get under tRump’s skin. The big question here is was the 130 grand given to Stormy during the 2016 campaign and not reported? I hope this simply adds more gas to the fire tRump is dancing around in. I f**kin’ hate that guy.

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  3. I watched every bit of the segment on 60 Minutes and whether people like it or not, it ISN’T going away for the simple reason that the $130,000 payment/contribution isn’t clearly determined yet as legal or illegal…AND the Non-Disclosure Agreement was not signed by tRump. Why?

    Can’t wait for the Stormy Russian weather to wipe clean all contents inside the White House!!! 🤗

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