It’s well known now that massive glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica are contributing to an accelerating global sea level rise. And while we first thought Greenland was primarily at risk of producing ocean-lifting melt this Century, we have now learned that both West and East Antarctica are becoming involved.

(A massive glacier the size of France is floating on more of a warming ocean than previously thought. Taking into account past reports of thinning along the glacier’s underside, and this is a rather concerning finding. Image source: Australian Antarctic Division.)

How much and how soon and under how much warming pressure is still a matter of some debate in the sciences. But the situation is now looking a bit worse for the Totten Glacier — an enormous sea-fronting slab of ice as big as France that if it melted in total would, by itself, raise sea levels by…

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3 thoughts on “The Great Totten Glacier is Floating on More Warming Water Than We Thought

  1. As I implied in my lastest blog-post… though it HURTS and saddens me to read all these scientific reports about climate change, the DAMAGE it is all doing and changing of Earth’s FRAGILE ecosystems… we must take the good with the bad, as well as the worsening, huh? 😦

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    • Well, we can give up and say “there’s nothing I can do about it;” or, we can recognize the very real existential threat to our civilization posed by climate change and say “damn it, do something!” to our political and business leaders. That choice is ours.

      I know many parents these days who are justifiably worried about their children’s future. They can see coming decades with severe food and fresh water shortages, economic turmoil, ubiquitous military conflicts, authoritarian crackdowns on dissent, property loss by sea level rise, and hazardous weather conditions to even venture outside. Their concern should be everyone’s concern.

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