More than 5 billion people could suffer water shortages by 2050 due to climate change, increased demand and polluted supplies, according to a UN report on the state of the world’s water.

The comprehensive annual study warns of conflict and civilisational threats unless actions are taken to reduce the stress on rivers, lakes, aquifers, wetlands and reservoirs.

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10 thoughts on “Water shortages could affect 5bn people by 2050, UN report warns

  1. I never thought that these many predicted symptoms and circumstances of humanity’s negligence of Earth’s ecosystems and their beginnings/outcomes would start in MY lifetime! Thought it would begin (noticeably) in my grandchildrens days. Wow. 😥

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  2. This alert reminds me of conflicts over water rights between ranchers in the old west. And then I think about how we squander this precious resource so that we can have lush green lawns around our homes…

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    • Yes, it’s the same conflict on a larger scale. I’m from California and lived in Nevada for many years. The history of those two states, and most others in the western U.S., is defined by water conflicts. Your point about lawns is spot-on. Despite the ravages of droughts, wildfires, and severe water shortages, many Californians are still clinging to their lawns. It’s rather puzzling.

      The U.N. warning is even more disturbing because water conflicts by mid-century will likely escalate in scale and involve entire nations and regions – a truly frightening scenario.

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  3. Here in Waterloo, the city has lawn-watering restrictions – twice a day, one day per week determined by your house number. I love a green lawn as much as the next person, but we just can’t afford the water anymore. Yes, I fear wars over water too.

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