Newly declassified video and audio show U.S. Navy pilots apparently encountering a UFO — with no wings and no tail — as they flew their Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet along the East Coast in 2015.


According to a report on ABCNews.com, the 35-second footage, captured by an infrared camera aboard an F/A-18 fighter jet traveling at 25,000 feet, was released Friday by To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA), a private scientific research and media group. It is led by Hal Puthoff, a NASA and U.S. Department of Defense adviser, and James Semivan, a former Central Intelligence Agency official.

The Department of Defense declined to comment on the video.

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33 thoughts on “UFO encounter? New footage shows U.S. Navy pilots’ apparent sighting of alien craft near East Coast

  1. Cool. Aliens were coming from the future to warn us of the upcoming Trump Presidency but we didn’t heed their warning. I’m damned curious what these objects are. The military should be very much concerned. Are they some sort of advanced drone from China? Or are they, indeed, aliens? I want to know. Now Trump’s gonna want to put walls up in the sky to keep the illegal space people out. “All rapists, those aliens! Can’t have ’em in ‘Merica!”

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    • Exactly, and that’s a great thought-provoking editorial by Christopher Mellon – who served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, and is now a private equity investor and an adviser to the To the Stars Academy for Arts and Science – which everyone should be encouraged to read.

      Obviously, the UFO phenomenon represents a potentially grave threat to U.S. national security interests; and, their dismissive attitude warrants intense scrutiny. Furthermore, the slow but increasing drip of declassified information – such as this video – is triggering an explosion of public speculation.

      Some assert that these releases are preparing or conditioning the public for an historic mea culpa by the U.S. government on UFOs. Others are offering “false flag” conspiracy theories as an explanation which claim the UFO story is a ruse to distract the public from some sinister plan by our ruling elite.

      Like you, I don’t know but I very much want to know.

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      • I doubt our Gov’t actually has any evidence of aliens existing, and this is why. The President is someone who would be told of such things, and there is NO WAY in hell that Trump would be told that “secret” and then not blab about it on Twitter. “I’ve made the bigly-est discovery EVER! Aliens exist, and they LOVE me!!” He just would not stop taking the credit for it.

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        • Check this out, from: Bill Clinton and UFOs: Did he ever find out if the truth was out there?

          … while on a trip to Ireland where he was visiting a very troubled Belfast, Clinton read a letter he received from a child named Ryan, who had asked him about what he knew regarding stories of a UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico. Clinton hadn’t come to talk about UFOs. He was trying to make a point regarding how children can be victimized by political violence. In front of his Belfast audience, Clinton said to Ryan, “No, as far as I know, an alien spacecraft did not crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.” But then he added, to the delight of his audience, “and Ryan, if the United States Air Force did recover alien bodies, they didn’t tell me about it, either, and I want to know.

          Clinton did want to know, Webster Hubbell, Clinton’s associate attor­ney general, wrote in his own memoir. As AAG, Hubbell claimed that President Clinton asked him to find out all that he could about two things: who killed JFK and what the government knew about UFOs. He reported to the president after being stonewalled by the relevant agencies that there was a secret government that closely holds secrets to which the president doesn’t even have access.

          However, in 1993, the year Clinton was inaugurated, and as pressure was mounting on the CIA to confirm that it had followed UFO stories, Director of Central Intelligence James Woolsey “ordered another review of all Agency files on UFOs. Using CIA records compiled from that review, the study he ordered traced CIA interest and involvement in the UFO con­troversy from the late 1940s to 1990.” The report reveals that despite official statements to the contrary regarding the government’s interest in what hap­pened at Roswell, the air force did, in fact, open up an investigative unit, known first as Project SAUCER and then Project SIGN, to “collect, collate, evaluate, and distribute within the government all information relating to such sightings, on the premise that UFOs might be real and of national security concern.”

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        • Yeah, I just don’t buy into the “secret” guys in the Gov’t who know stuff and, over decades of time with various guys and gals involved, keep and have kept completely quiet about it all. Our gov’t couldn’t hide invisible people. Christ, someone in gov’t can’t get a friggin’ blow job without everyone in America finding out about it. Now, Russia on the other hand, hmm…..

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        • We are entitled to our opinions. It is very hard, though, for us on the outside to really know what goes on inside large powerful institutions no matter how many leaks occur. Having served in the U.S. Army with a security clearance for my communications work, I think what the public actually knows about confidential government information is just the tip of the iceberg, and that any revelations usually occur many years after the fact.

          Here’s what Christopher Mellon said on this, from: Is There a UFO Cover-up? A Government Insider Speaks Out

          Q: Hillary Clinton has been asked about UFOs during her campaign. As the former Secretary of State, would she be likely to know if there were any classified government programs involving UFOs?

          A: No, I don’t think so. I recall instances when White House officials sought briefings on highly compartmented DoD programs and were flatly refused. Access to such programs is on a need to know basis. In general, nobody outside DoD, including the Secretary of State, is deemed to have a need to know. Officials like John Podesta and Secretary Clinton can easily serve for years in senior positions and be avid consumers of classified intelligence analysis but never obtain access to DoD’s compartmented programs, which mostly relate to new weapons systems. Information about such programs rarely leaks because it doesn’t circulate, unlike the constant stream of leaked information regarding classified intelligence activities.

          Q: Do you think that if Clinton is elected we can expect to learn new information about UFOs?

          A: I highly doubt DoD or any other government agency is concealing UFO information. I participated in a comprehensive review of DoD’s black programs and spent over a decade conducting oversight of the national foreign intelligence program, an almost totally separate world of secrets. I visited Area 51 and other military, intelligence and research facilities. During all those years, I never detected the faintest hint of government interest or involvement in UFOs.

          Q: The taboo against taking UFOs seriously is a huge problem. How can we get more government officials to change this ingrained attitude?

          A: I think we have to ask ourselves a key question, and then bring it forward. “Are there UFO cases that are sufficiently well-documented to warrant a scientific investigation of the phenomenon?” In my view, the answer is yes.

          The patterns in the data are too strong; the reports from credible witnesses separated widely by time and place too similar; the evidence from videos and trained military and law enforcement observers too extensive; and the independent radar data in select cases correlates too highly with visual observations to safely ignore. Finally, when someone you trust and respect, like a naval aviator, looks you in the eye and tells you he saw something truly extraordinary at close range, it’s hard not to take his testimony seriously. It is arrogant, unreasonable and unwise to dismiss such reports. We should simply and impartially follow the trail wherever it leads.

          Q: Some people believe the more recent sightings in cases such as those you mentioned may simply be US government tests of experimental aircraft. Is that possible?

          A: I can understand why this may seem the most plausible explanation. But I can assure you, those objects did not belong to US Department of Defense. Just before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I was contacted by the DoD Office of Congressional Affairs. They were in a tizzy because Robert Byrd, the powerful Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, was challenging them over reports appearing in magazines such as Aviation Week and Space Technology describing an alleged super-secret US aircraft program dubbed “Aurora.”

          Senator Byrd would use his budget power to punish the department severely if we lied to him or withheld information. We pursued all possible options, double-checking with the appropriate officials while reminding them of the imperative of providing an accurate response. We quickly confirmed what we already knew – that while there are always things on the drawing board, there was nothing remotely resembling such aircraft being operated by the department. We had nothing with the capacity to hover and then silently accelerate at massive speeds.

          Also, it is totally uncharacteristic of the US military to conduct experimental tests of new vehicles over populated areas where security would be compromised and innocent civilians placed in harms way. That’s completely contrary to military DNA. Alien visitation is actually easier to believe than that level of stupidity being exhibited by the brilliant people developing new aircraft technologies for DoD.

          Q: Are you certain there is no government cover-up?

          A: It’s impossible to prove the negative, so all I can say is that I never saw any evidence of official interest in UFOs. I’d love to believe we have a crashed saucer somewhere, but I’ve never seen anything remotely supportive of such incredible claims. In my experience, on those rare occasions when UFO incidents involving the government occur, they are highly inconvenient, awkward and embarrassing for the afflicted government officials who want nothing more than to put the issue behind them as quickly as possible! The military seems generally unwilling to investigate even when UFO reports come from our own military pilots or officials in high office such as Fife Symington, the former governor of Arizona. Senior officials are so fearful of being ridiculed that they conceal any expression of interest or curiosity.

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        • Interesting. The fear of embarrassment over saying, “these objects do appear, and we must figure out what they are for the safety of America,” keeps investigations from happening as thoroughly as they should. This I can understand, but, if these objects are indeed drones from foreign governments, it’s kinda bad we’re not checking them out more. It’s bad we’re not checking them out regardless of what they are because they are seen, and it appears they’re seen fairly regularly by credible people. Our Gov’t hiding stuff of this extraordinary nature for decades, though I suppose it could happen, is just not plausible to me. I might be wrong. Either way, since very serious, long term investigations into these sightings seem to not be happening as they should, we may never really know. I’d have to think, that if they are aliens, they’re probably smart enough to avoid ever be “caught” or truly exposed unless they wanted it. And why in f**k’s name would they EVER want to come out in America?! Sweden or Norway would be far better. If they came out here, they’d be shot at, name-called, hit, and ridiculed by conservatives until they’d wished they hadn’t done it. America is an AWFUL place to seen as “different”.

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        • Those are all excellent points, Jeff, and the concluding humor is most welcome! 🙂

          Regardless of whether UFOs are E.T.s, foreign drones or other advanced technology, or something entirely different, they do represent a potential threat to America’s national security and should therefore be thoroughly investigated. The public deserves an answer from the government as to why this isn’t apparently being done.

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        • Another thought I had is what if the Air Force KNOWS what these things are and they don’t want to bring too much focus to them? If they are conducting flights with experimental drones and or military aircraft, they might not want too much of it known. I can buy that easier than folks keeping their yaps shut for decades about the discovery, the GREATEST discovery ever, mind you, of aliens. Also, if aliens decided to choose America as the country to come out to, like I mentioned earlier, I’d say they’re nuts and will loose a ton of respect for them right off the bat. But damn, wouldn’t it be cool to talk to real aliens about space travel and such? Hell, how do they even figure out for sure which planets have life and which ones to visit, and how do they do it?
          Neil DeGrasse Tyson says that any species that knows how to do such things would have knowledge of physics that we have no idea even exists yet.
          But if, say, intelligent life developed and survived on some planet and has been there for a million more years than we’ve even existed, what things would they know and be able to do? I’d love to know before I die. So, if yer readin’ aliens, beam me up!

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        • Other than a curiosity factor, why would super advanced aliens be interested in us? If we could space travel and stumbled upon a planet of ants, would we be interested enough to stop and say hello?

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        • Yes, your point about DoD secrecy on their own experimental technologies is certainly valid – which Mr. Mellon did address in that interview.

          For some reason which I don’t understand, people seem to think that UFOs are only being seen and reported in America. That assumption is completely false. UFOs have been observed and reported on all over the world.

          Tyson’s remarks are spot-on. Arthur C. Clarke said something similar: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

          It would be cool to discuss space travel and such with E.T.s, although the conversations might be awkward – maybe like us trying to explain internal combustion engines to a dog.

          Before you beam-up, Jeff, keep in mind that E.T.s – should they exist – might have bad moods just like we do! 😀

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        • “He reported to the president after being stonewalled by the relevant agencies that there was a secret government that closely holds secrets to which the president doesn’t even have access.”
          ~ Hmmm. Maybe this secret government is run by aliens. Just speculating 🙂

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  2. At this point in time, I simply cannot wrap my head around the fact the UFO’s are anything BUT UFO’s. IOW, they’re not connected to or with any “space visitors.”

    I do wonder at times, however, if other countries might have secretly developed super sophisticated aerial gizmos that are zipping around the skies. Ya’ never know …


      • I did read it … and my opinion remains the same. There’s no doubt the government has (and keeps) its secrets, but at this point in time, I haven’t been convinced the objects are “alienistic.”


        • Well, our current gov’t does have its “animalistic” problems. More Republicans every day are taking King OrangutanTrump’s lead and acting like childish animals in their treatment of women, the poor, and minorities. If there are aliens out there, PLEASE let them come take these pricks away to another world where they can fight and battle each other over dollars and religion without ruining life for everyone else.

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        • That’s good, Nan. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and the existence of visiting E.T.s remains hypothetical. However, it is a very real possibility; and, as Mr. Mellon said, it might be the most plausible explanation currently available for the UFO phenomenon.


    • Though I strongly WANT to believe otherwise, that is most likely what these things are. Again, that’s not a whole lotta fun to think about, but, until I see empirical evidence to the contrary, that’s what my guess to the nature of these occurrences is.

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  3. Yep. We’d stop; stomp on the ants, and claim it was our God-given duty to do so because they weren’t Christians. Thing is, what if this was the type of alien race that found us–the human ants? “Oh, you idiots don’t have our religion–now DIE!!” We like to think that with great intelligence, creatures become more benign, but maybe not. Stephen Hawking says if aliens had found us, we’d all know about it, and it would be really, really bad. Now he may be just a paranoid guy, also, he talks funny, what’s up with that, or he could be right. I hope, if aliens do find us, they’re nice or at least keep their distance. Religious zealots from space would really suck.

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