A crowded Democratic House primary in the Houston area has become a stand-in for the broader battle within the party between progressives who backed Bernie Sanders and members of the establishment.

The controversy erupted more than a week ago, when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the party’s political arm for House races, unleashed a scathing attack against journalist and activist Laura Moser, one of seven candidates in the Texas 7th District Democratic primary to take on Republican Rep. John Culberson this fall.

Now, with two days left before the Texas primary on Tuesday, the infighting has opened wounds within the Democratic Party that never quite healed after the 2016 election, when Sanders supporters accused the Democratic National Committee of tipping the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton.

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2 thoughts on “How a Texas House primary erupted into a Democratic war

  1. I’ve been getting emails about this. It greatly reduces any hopes I’ve had for the Democratic Party moving forward in a progressive manner. The Repukes can get behind the most despicable monsters imaginable and support them, yet the Dems find it too hard to back progressives. This is doom for the Dems and the country. Repukes will continue to win and Dems will continue to lack spines. It really pisses me off.

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