By Robert A. Vella

Here’s today’s updates on the Mueller investigation.

From:  Kushner, Russia bombshells rock the White House

A volley of stunning revelations over Jared Kushner and the Russia probe are rocking Donald Trump’s inner circle and suggest a pivotal moment is at hand in the West Wing personnel wars that have raged throughout his presidency.

First, it emerged Tuesday that chief of staff John Kelly downgraded the top secret security clearance for the President’s son-in-law in a bid to clear up a scandal over whether top administration players are qualified to access the most sensitive intelligence.

Then, The Washington Post published a bombshell report that at least four countries had discussed how to use Kushner’s sparse experience, financial troubles and intricate business arrangements to manipulate him.

Hours later, CNN reported that special counsel Robert Mueller is asking questions about Trump’s business dealings with Russia before the President’s campaign, a potentially significant development in the investigation.

From:  Paul Manafort pleads not guilty to new charges

Prosecutors and the defense agreed on a September 17 trial start, which means the trial involving the onetime leader of Trump’s campaign brought by the special counsel will be just before the November midterm elections where Democrats are already expected to do well.

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  1. I really hope Kushner is indicted. I’ve a feeling Manafort has a deal with Trump: “Plead not guilty and keep your mouth shut, no matter what, and I’ll pardon you. You won’t go to prison.” I hope Mueller is finding ways to circumvent this.

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