Democrats on Tuesday won yet another special election for a state legislative seat once held by a Republican, this time in a battleground seat south of Tampa, Fla.

With all precincts reporting, attorney Margaret Good (D) took 52 percent of the vote, ousting Sarasota real estate agent James Buchanan (R).


The district is the 17th special election in a Republican-held seat to fall into Democratic hands since Trump was inaugurated.

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5 thoughts on “Dems flip seat in Florida state special election

  1. I truly hope this is a continuing sign of a blue wave coming in November. Problem is, the wave may very well come and take over but dissipate just as fast because of the chowder head idiocy often displayed by Dems. “Well, we don’t want to ruffle any feathers, so lets just be nice and sweet to our loving pals, the Repukes, because everything will turn out peachy in the end if we do. Now please excuse us whilst we bend over to get our daily dose of getting screwed.” Then, of course, the Repukes crucify the Dems in the next election because they’re blamed for being the weaklings they are. On the bright side, though, a lot of progressives are running and winning at the state and municipal levels. Hopefully that trend will move on up to the Federal positions, but, like Yoda would say, “My breath I’m holding not.”

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    • Yes, it’s too early to make any grand proclamations about the 2018 electorate. But, what has transpired so far seems to be twofold: 1) Dems are pushing centrist candidates in Republican-held districts; and, 2) Progressive candidates are having success across the board. This suggests that moderate Republican voters are having Trump-fatigue, and that the larger electorate is shifting to the left.

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