Arthur Jones, a Holocaust denier described as a Nazi by the Illinois Republican Party, is poised to win the Republican primary in the state’s Third Congressional District. He is running unopposed, all but guaranteeing he will soon be the official Republican candidate for the House of Representatives.

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3 thoughts on “He’s a Nazi, Republicans Warn, but He’s Probably Going to Be Their Nominee for Congress

  1. It’s hilarious watching the Repukes here run around trying to do all they can to get this Bozo off the ticket. They won’t be able to. They didn’t have a candidate ready to run, cause the district involved is a Democratic stronghold and they don’t usually even have a candidate there. Thus, this piece of shit has free reign to get on the ticket. The position now is held by a piece of shit Democrat named Lipinski. He’s dreadful, votes with Trump on many issues, and is as Repukelican as a Dem can get without actually admitting it. He’s being opposed next month by a strong progressive candidate, her name eludes me, and hopefully, though doubtfully, she’ll get the nod. The Nazi won’t win, but Dems are holding him up as an example of the fine type of people running on Repukelican tickets these days. Nazis, pedophiles, pussy-grabbers, yep, great Party ya’ got there GOP. At least this Nazi a-hole is an honest and open bigot and not like most a-hole Repukes who try, though not very well, to hide their hatred and bigotry of everyone but them.

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