The Pentagon’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is reportedly not able to document hundreds of millions of dollars of money it spent.

An internal audit by Ernst & Young finds the agency can’t account for more than $800 million in construction projects, Politico reported.


The report comes as the Trump administration is poised to ask Congress for $716 billion for defense spending for fiscal 2019, a major hike that budget analysts say aligns with administration’s stated goals of bulking up the military and preparing it to potentially fight near-peer rivals after years of focusing on terrorism.

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17 thoughts on “Pentagon agency can’t account for hundreds of millions in spending: report

  1. Just like the Bush Jr. administration. A LOT of money disappeared. People with no experience started their own businesses, printed business cards and pretended they knew what they were doing. Many ran off with duffel bags full of cash. Rumsfeld’s people didn’t care.

    The crazy brother of a close friend was in the Army for 20 years. He went to Iraq and when he saw how much money “independent contractors” were making yet they had no accountability so he quit and joined a private war contractor. He said it was called “the wild west” because of the despicable lawlessness.

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      • That’s a good idea. I have so many ideas in the works it’s insane.

        I’ve been researching a lot of health issues lately and I have essays started on the Rockefeller Foundation’s profitable (and evil) agenda of pushing us onto an allopathic course of health care early in the 20th century; the CIA, LSD & mind control, the 1980 Supreme Court decision about patenting a living organism (Diamond vs. Chakrabarty) and a well-researched story about fluoride. I also have ideas about late 20th century history – Watergate and how it was twisted into successful propaganda helping put Reagan into office, Iran-Contra (one of the most despicable scandals in U.S. history), the Black Panthers and a couple others. And then biographical posts about Ezra Pound (specifically his bum rap about World War II propaganda and his work with Eustace Mullins regarding the agenda of the Fed – a fascinating story), Nikola Tesla, Jackie Robinson, Saul Alinsky and many others.

        There are so many things to write about. I’m just not disciplined enough when it comes to writing, I treat it too much like an art. 😆 One of these days…

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