“Ignominiously called Day Zero, the water cut-off date for Cape Town as of last week was April 21 of 2018. This week, due to failure to adhere to water restrictions and due to unrelenting drought, that date has jumped to April 12.”


It’s the worst drought in at least 100 years. Possibly the worst in 300 years.

I’m not talking about Iran or Syria or California or Sao Paulo or the Caribbean or Somalia or Yemen or India or a hundred other places that have suffered severe drought and related water crisis during recent years. This time, I’m writing about Cape Town, South Africa.

For Cape Town, the dry time began two years ago. A strong El Nino initiated a warmer, drier than normal weather pattern. Accelerated by much warmer than normal global temperatures, what would have typically been a milder period of heat and drought bit deep into South Africa’s reservoirs. These hotter temperatures associated with human caused climate change enhanced evaporation causing both lands and lakes to give up their precious moisture at a much faster rate.

(From the video climate scientist Peter Johnston notes that increased heat from…

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8 thoughts on “The Day the Water Ran Out — Climate Change Day Zero Swiftly Approaching for Cape Town

  1. Blog Pal, Newsferret lives down in the Cape and he tells the same story.
    I don’t watch News, not even local stuff,it’s the type of thing that used to drive me dilly.
    Newsy recently sunk a bore-hole at his spot, and he has said it’s working fine, but I imagine others will eventually be wringing moisture out of their handkerchiefs.

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