A new report by Oxfam says global economic inequality widened last year, with 82 percent of all wealth created going to the richest 1 percent. In contrast, the poorer half of the entire world’s population received none of the new wealth at all. The report also says 2017 saw the biggest increase in billionaires in history. Ninety percent of all billionaires are men.

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13 thoughts on “Oxfam: 82% of Wealth Created in 2017 Went to Richest 1%

      • Believe me, I’m far too old to blame all of society’s problems on trump. 🙂 The report was about wealth during 2017 and this corporate president has done as much as most presidents in one year to try and help business executives collect more wealth from the working class.

        Every administration going back to Ronnie Raygun has done everything in its power to help industry collect as much wealth as possible. The last president that cared about anyone else was Jimmy Carter.

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      • Hopefully the Justice Democrats will get some people in congress and they’ll have more balls/guts than the current ones. I just read where they let DACA go to the dogs.

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        • Just read that, too. tRump promised them they’ll work out a deal on DACA later. Fuck that! The dude’s a pathological liar! The Dems are glorified pussy-ass, sissified cowards! And they keep wondering why they lose. McConnell, Ryan, tRump, Pence–these guys would NOT have caved in to the Dems if the situation were reversed. God, but do they ever piss me off!

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    • Ros, I do not believe the billionaire class really cares if this inequality problem is sustainable or not. Once they get their money, they can retire into their protected hideaways and watch the general populace suffer.

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