We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

There was a swatting incident on December 30, 2017 in Wichita, Kansas.  I’ve been reporting on it on my other blog.  Some of you might already know that my other blog deals solely with cyber abuse, whether harassment, stalking, swatting, threats, spoofing, or combinations.

Today after reading some articles and comments on Twitter about the most recent swatting incident, I asked myself if there is anything I could have done to make information more available; to inform the public that spill-over of internet harassment into the personal lives of target victims is dangerous.  However, as with other issues, people don’t seem to take an interest unless major media reports it first or unless it happens to them.  Then too, I’m only a drop of water in a vast ocean.

Swatting is a prank where someone makes a call to a police department with a false story of a happening…

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19 thoughts on “Questions Arise About Swatting Prank That Ends In Death

  1. Anyone who thinks they could overthrow the U.S. government with military tactics is delusional. We’re talking about the most powerful, technologically advanced war machine in human history. They can put down large civilian militias like swatting a fly.

    We need to demilitarize police departments like Makagutu said, pass progressive gun laws and enforce them, fix our CRIMINAL justice system (make it more justice & less criminal), install better quality training programs for police officers, institute laws on a federal level to properly assess blame for crimes and make extradition less cumbersome) and fix our economy – by eliminating the obscene practice of business executives financial raping the rest of society.

    One of the most important aspects of this issue is addressing not only mental illness, but of giving everyone an opportunity to have a salary (as well as the comfort of having a useful place in society), access to health care (physical and mental), access to an education (without going into debt for the rest of your life), justice in our courts and a basic acceptance of the sanctity of all life (not just human).

    End of sermon. 😆

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      • To be honest, I don’t know. I’ve almost always been somewhat optimistic. Though there is a pendulum swinging back and forth between brutally wicked politics and (less wicked) middle of the road politics in the U.S., I’ve always thought we’d eventually evolve beyond mindless greed and finally understand there is more to life than putting money into your own pocket. Eventually, almost everyone will have a family member in poverty or who is honest and works hard yet gets nowhere or any other situation in which people learn from even second-hand experience that maybe, just maybe our system needs a lot of work.

        After trump won the election, I feel as if humanity is doomed to failing at the mercy of a majority of ignorant automatons who have no mind of their own and allow loud, obnoxious scam artists to think and speak for them. I really don’t know if any of the neessary legislation I mentioned will ever come about. It’s been 14 months since that dark day and I still haven’t been able to shake off all of the disgust for 1) people who voted for trump and 2) people who voted for Clinton in the democrat primaries. I try and I just haven’t been able to do it. I think of the younger people and the following generations (if trump doesn’t hit that button) as well as the homeless people and animals that have to survive horrid conditions and I just don’t know. I’m sorry to sound so dismally negative and gloomy, but I’m being honest. I often put on a “brave face” and act as if humanity has a chance, but every week that goes by I still seem to think that chance is equivalent to the proverbial “chance of a snowball in hell.”

        I thought Occupy Wall Street was a blessing that was going to motivate the masses into seeing what is possible. There is a chasm between what we are and what we can be and the point of our existence on this planet (in my opinion) is to close that gap. Let’s see. As “Inspiredbythedivine” mentioned, trump has lit a fire under “the good guys.” What we need is for people to hit the streets, hit the offices of political leaders, boycott despicable companies, be seen and heard in corporate media and not give up until we see actual change.

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  2. Absolutely! Now is the time to seize that power. I’m hoping many will at the grass root, local levels at least. Far too many idiots/sissies in the Democratic higher-ups to hope for too much from them, but if we can change from the bottom up, it’ll be a start.

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