By 2027, over half of all Americans — 53 percent — would pay more in taxes under the tax bill agreed to by House and Senate Republicans, a new analysis by the Tax Policy Center finds. That year, 82.8 percent of the bill’s benefit would go to the top 1 percent, up from 62.1 under the Senate bill.

And even in the first years of the bill’s implementation, when it’s an across-the-board tax cut, the benefits of the law would be heavily concentrated among the upper-middle and upper-class Americans, with nearly two-thirds of the benefit going to the richest fifth of Americans in 2018.

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11 thoughts on “The Republican tax bill got worse: now the top 1% get 83% of the gains

  1. As I’ve previously commented (here or elsewhere?), it matters little to the Repukes who will pass this bill how the public feels. As with most everything that takes place in Congress, if it benefits them in some way (or has no particular effect), it’s a yea vote. Otherwise, thumbs down.

    Our government of the people, for the people, and by the people got lost in translation a long time ago.

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