According to  a report by the Center for Retirement Research (CRR) at Boston College, life expectancy for women in the US has stalled, leaving American females at the bottom of the list of the wealthiest nations.

“While US life expectancy is now the lowest among … high-income nations, the discrepancy is especially stark for women,” said the CRR. In 1960, American women were likely to be among the longest-living females in the world. But that trend reversed itself in the 1980s, and today their life expectancy lags two-and-a-half years behind women in other developed nations.

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    • Indeed. Periodically on this blog, I post personal anecdotes which directly or indirectly point towards the mounting stresses which are afflicting people in America. It is neither scientific nor tangible, but it may reveal a very real and disturbing truth. I see it everyday. People are hurting and they are suffering. This particular story, among many others, supports that narrative.

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  1. From the article: The CRR said diseases associated with smoking and obesity, such as lung cancer and diabetes, have contributed to the decline in women’s life spans

    Yet women AND men continue to ignore the warnings.

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