The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to take up a case challenging the use of a Confederate emblem on the Mississippi state flag.

Carlos Moore, an African-American lawyer from Mississippi who petitioned the court, had argued in court documents that the flag, visible in state buildings, courts and schools, symbolically expresses support for white supremacy. The flag incorporates the Confederate battle flag in its upper left corner.

The justices did not provide a reason for rejecting the appeal. A federal appeals court in April rejected the lawsuit owing to lack of standing…

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7 thoughts on “Supreme Court Rejects Case Over Confederate Emblem On Mississippi Flag

  1. The entire history of slavery, racism, pre-Civil War, Civil War, post-Civil War or Reconstruction, all the way up to the 1960s – 1970s Civil Rights and Martin Luther King, Jr Era political-social events can all be told regardless of whether there are symbols or no symbols in existence in the world — that is if those historians and their decendents are alive and their ‘Freedom of Speech’ and the ‘Press’ are protected. That appears to be a never-ending fight. :/

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    • Germany wrestled with the free speech issue following WWII, and decided against its own hateful symbolism. I appreciate both sides of the argument; although, I do believe there is a simple solution. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right of private citizens. If someone wants to fly the Confederate battle flag on their property, that’s fine; but, that doesn’t mean public institutions (e.g. state governments) should do so or even have that right. For the former, it is a matter of speech. For the latter, it is the condoning of policies by an official public agency against some of the people it is empowered to serve. Just as Bavaria cannot incorporate the swastika in its flag, neither should Mississippi incorporate Confederate symbolism in its flag. See: http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2015/06/24/germany_banned_its_ugly_historic_symbols_should_we_do_that_too.html

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      • Totally agree Robert! All of your argument and points are right. I was suggesting that even when our “Lady Liberty(?)” Congress and/or Supreme Court does NOT do their proper due diligence and uphold/protect us as the Constitution dictates, people can still tell multiple sides of the story/events and continue taking action, ala “V for Vendetta” style. 🙂

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