The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday unveiled plans to repeal a landmark 2015 order that barred internet service providers from blocking or slowing down consumer access to web content, and said the regulator will prevent states and cities from adopting similar protections.

FCC chief Ajit Pai, a Republican appointed by President Donald Trump in January, said the commission will vote at a Dec. 14 meeting on rescinding the so-called net neutrality rules championed by Democratic former President Barack Obama that treated internet service providers like public utilities.

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28 thoughts on “Exclusive: U.S. agency to vote to repeal ‘net neutrality’ rules – FCC chief

    • Thanks, Nan. From the article:

      Conrow said: “If the FCC lowers the requirements for what qualifies as high-speed internet and they hamstring net neutrality it would effectively shut down our hopes for useful connections. Nothing I’ve heard from Ajit Pai has left me feeling optimistic.”

      She added: “We don’t have a choice as far as internet providers. If net neutrality goes out the window, we lose the choice about what they’re sending down the pipeline to us.”

      In some ways, the digital situation in rural Winlock gives a glimpse of what service could be like if FCC oversight is curtailed, net neutrality is rolled back and internet providers are allowed to block or throttle traffic, or offer “fast lanes” to websites that pay extra for the privilege.


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