Hillary Clinton’s campaign took over the Democratic National Committee’s funding and day-to-day operations early in the primary season and may have used that power to undermine her rival Senator Bernie Sanders, according to the party’s one-time interim chairwoman.

The DNC official, Donna Brazile, now a political analyst, wrote in Politico Magazine on Thursday that she discovered an August 2015 agreement between the national committee and Clinton’s campaign and fundraising arm that gave Clinton “control (of) the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised” in exchange for taking care of the massive debt leftover from President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign.

It wasn’t illegal, Brazile said, “but it sure looked unethical.”

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Commentary by The Secular JuristGood grief!

9 thoughts on “Brazile: Hillary Rigged DNC Against Bernie

  1. “Good grief” is right. Why is Brazille coming out with this, and now?

    Maybe the Republicans should govern the DNC, and the DNC should govern the RNC. That way we could just cave-in to all manner of possible conflicts of interest without any confused notions of integrity.

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      • Remember the part when Brazille reported her findings to Bernie, and he was “stoic” about it? Maybe…

        Bernie asked her to keep it under wraps because he was striving to unify the Dem Party. Then the DNC replaces all progressive party officials with consultants and corp lobbyists. Bernie finally accepts the DNC is hopeless. Soon after, Brazille publishes her revelation. She’s under no obligation to Bernie to keep it secret any longer? Or perhaps he told her now is the time to let the sh*t hit the fan?

        I further speculate, no, I guarantee… when Bernie announces his 2020 run for President, or puts his weight behind a younger “Bernicrat,” it’ll be under the banner of a new 3rd party for the people. And Bernie will be smelling like a rose. Because of the high road he took with the Dem Party, no one will be able to discredit him for running in opposition, come 2020.

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        • Those are all plausible scenarios. The reason why I referred to Brazile’s coming-out as “chicken-shit” is because she should’ve taken bold action when it could’ve mattered. After Wikileaks published the hacked DNC emails and after Sergeant (Debbie Wasserman) Schultz resigned as Chairperson, Brazile could have thrown her weight behind the Sanders campaign on the grounds that corruption would not be tolerated and that Hillary was too damaged to win the election (a view held by many even before the DNC emails were published).

          Here’s some more speculation from: Donna Brazile’s bombshell about the DNC and Hillary Clinton, explained

          This is one way to read Brazile’s revelation: as yet another sign that the Democratic establishment is trying to incorporate Sanders and his movement, by publicly distancing itself from those who allegedly tipped the scales of the primary away from him.

          “Maybe Brazile just wants to maximize sales of her upcoming book, and recognized that an inside story of DNC treachery was the juiciest angle she had,” Eric Levitz writes in New York magazine. “But this certainly reads like the kind of piece a Democratic operative would write if she were interested in having as warm a relationship with the Sanders 2020 campaign as she did with the Clinton 2016 one.”

          On Thursday, some pundits wondered why Democrats would spend time relitigating the 2016 primary rather than fighting the GOP’s new tax bill.

          But Levitz may be right. Perhaps Brazile’s willingness to distance herself from the DNC’s conduct will only exacerbate intra-left squabbling. Or maybe it’s a sign that Democratic strategists see more upside in confirming Sanders supporters’ beliefs than deepening their animosities.

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        • Very interesting, Robert. The bit about “public distance from those who allegedly tipped the scales” sounds deliciously diabolical, but I don’t think it holds up in light of giving the pink slip to all progressive DNC officials, which was a very loud statement to the Bernie Camp. But then… no one outside the Bernie Camp would know that…!

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  2. It wasn’t illegal, Brazile said, “but it sure looked unethical.”

    That tells you all you need to know about the issue of private campaign finance and about how sick our society has become.

    What type of society has no correlation between legal and ethical?

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