Investigative reporter Greg Palast is the only person I’ve heard talk about Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck, which is used to purge voter rolls in 27 Republican-led states. (That is, except for independent news shows like Thom Hartman, Democracy Now!, and The Real News Network that had Palast on as a guest.)

Despite the outrageous voter suppression, Crosscheck never broke through the mainstream media (MSM) barrier. Then Greg Palast made the 2016 documentary film about Crosscheck, called The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits. The film is both informative and entertaining. But still, it seems, hardly anyone has heard about Crosscheck.

(You can’t help but wonder… are you the only person you know who thinks Crosscheck is really important???)

Just when you think you may be going crazy, it turns out that Common Cause Indiana and ACLU Indiana know all about Crosscheck. In fact, they are suing the State of Indiana for illegally purging registered voters flagged by the Crosscheck program. The lawsuit was initiated after the recent publication of an Ivy League study, which concluded the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck program does much more harm than good:

Source:  Common Cause & ACLU Sue Indiana for Its Crosscheck Voter Purging Program