Hours after a “White Lives Matter” rally unfolded Saturday in Shelbyville, Tenn. — resulting in lots of counterprotesters, but no violence — a fight broke out between a smaller group of white supremacists and an interracial couple at a restaurant in Brentwood, about 50 miles to the north.

The couple, a 30-year-old white woman and a 37-year-old black man, were dining inside the Corner Pub when a group of about 20 to 30 white men and women came in and sat at a table behind them, according to a statement by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

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6 thoughts on “White supremacists picked fight with an interracial couple after Tennessee rally, police say

  1. Well, there was bad on BOTH sides of this incident. Clearly, the interracial couple must have been making faces at this fine group of white supremacists. Their feelings got hurt, and an incident happened. Clearly, the brutality of the “face-making” by this devilish couple created this situation. Any other way of looking at this is fake news. 🙂

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  2. If I may Robert, from the 2016 film “Loving” set in 1958 Virginia. Here Sheriff Brooks (a white Supremist) talks to Richard Loving (white) who is legally married to Mildred Jeter-Loving (black) about why they’ve arrested and thrown his wife in jail…

    You do know better don’t you? Or
    maybe you don’t. Your daddy worked
    for a nigger didn’t he? Runnin’

    I’m sorry for you. I really am.
    All ya’ll over there in Central
    Point don’t know up from down. All
    mixed up. Half Cherokee,
    Rappahannock, part niggra, part
    white. Blood don’t know what it
    wants to be. You just got born in
    the wrong place is all.

    See you got to thinkin’ it was
    fine. You might think people
    around here wouldn’t care. Hell
    maybe they wouldn’t if your dumb
    country ass hadn’t gone off and
    married her, but not me. You hear
    me? That’s God’s law.
    He made a sparrow a sparrow and a
    robin a robin. They’re different for a reason.

    No. No. You go on now. Get on home.

    You send some of her people down
    here tomorrow to get her. I see
    you try and bail her out again, I’ll
    arrest you.

    [Richard Loving peacefully & quitely exits]

    This film is based on the very true story of Loving vs. Virginia and the U.S. Supreme Court landmark decision in 1967 invalidating all state laws prohibiting interracial marriage. This sort of teaching and indoctrination (in the South esp) goes very very deep and much further back than the Civil Rights Era… even beyond the Civil War. What’s so incredibly shameful is how LITTLE America has actually changed over some two centuries due to continued manufactured White Ignorance. 😦

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