“PREPA CEO Ricardo Ramos said during a news conference Sunday afternoon that he accepted the governor’s recommendation and would be writing a letter to the board of directors ‘asking for a resolution that will allow me to cancel the contract,’ adding that the contract was not officially canceled as of yet.

Ramos added that the plan was for Whitefish to ‘finish what they started,’ which was work on two transmission lines on the island.

He added that he hoped to speak with officials at Whitefish within the next few hours and that the contract required a 30-day notice for cancellation.

‘Even if I cancel today it becomes effective in 30 days,’ he added.”


At this blog I often cover how climate change is worsening the global weather situation. How fossil fuel burning is the primary cause of climate change. How renewable energy adoption is the primary means for removing global carbon emissions. And how bad, on our present track, climate change outcomes could become.

What I often do not talk about in main posts (though we see quite a bit in the comments section) is how underlying factors such as political corruption and the ideologies supportiing that corruption can harm effective responses to climate change.

Witness Puerto Rico. A U.S. territory that has suffered a very severe blow from one of the worst hurricanes ever to make landfall in the Caribbean…

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