SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rico’s governor on Sunday demanded that the board of the island’s power company cancel the $300M contract with Whitefish Energy Holdings amid increased scrutiny of the Montana company’s role in Hurricane Maria recovery efforts.

The announcement by Gov. Ricardo Rossello comes as federal legislators seek to investigate the contract awarded to the small company from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s hometown.

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4 thoughts on “Puerto Rico gov seeks to cancel $300M Whitefish contract

  1. The politics behind this “contract” are so blatantly evident!

    Thankfully, the governor of PR saw through it. Here’s hoping he gets real help … and soon!

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    • Although I can claim no inside knowledge of the governor’s motivations, it does appear that he initially approved the contract and then subsequently changed his mind once Whitefish’s background was made public.


  2. I read the contract, and it seems like they’re pretty much locked in. Hell, Whitefish doesn’t even have to finish the work and they still get paid the full sum.

    People should go to jail for this. Don’t let the US become like Brazil.

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