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Louisiana Sheriff Caddo Parish’s pro-slavery Sheriff Steve Prator

Caddo Parish’s Sheriff Steve Prator has been under fire for the past two weeks after he rather bluntly made the case for slavery, all the while unwittingly exposing the fact that Louisiana – the state with an incarceration rate and population so huge that it’s “more than five times higher than most countries in the world” – is still in every sense a slave state. Here is what Prator said during a press conference in reference to Louisiana’s Justice Reinvestment Act that will see the early release of thousands of nonviolent offenders from Louisiana’s massive penal system:

The [prisoners] that you can work, the ones that can pick up trash, the work release programs – but guess what? Those are the ones they’re releasing! In addition to the bad ones – and I call these bad – in addition to them, they’re releasing…

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6 thoughts on “A Louisiana Sheriff Unwittingly Exposed His State Still Practices Slavery By Another Name

  1. Prison is an extension of slavery and I believe with your for profit prisons, more blacks are locked up than at the height of slavery.
    Abolish the prison system, build healthy societies by making education free, provide healthcare to everyone and housing for the poor. Decriminalize drugs and instead build rehabilitation centres to help addicts. Reign on big pharma. Remove profit from healthcare and you will be on the way to a great society

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  2. Robert/Caleb,

    Thank you for this harsh, emotionally stirring post & repost. Makagutu summed up nicely what SHOULD be the real priorities. Unfortunately, under what is now manufactured “White Ignorance” (e.g. Sheriff Prator above) and over 2 centuries of “free-enterprise” or capitalism, and said white power positions throughout the private sectors AND within federal and state governments… makagutu’s simple accurate revamp would be a monumental undertaking over another American generation or two, especially in the South and fringe-South! :/ This isn’t to say it can’t be done. It can!

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