Washington (CNN) – The FBI on Friday formally denied a CNN Freedom of Information Act request to turn over former director James Comey’s memos documenting his conversations with President Donald Trump.

The move comes one day after CNN filed a lawsuit asking the agency to release the documents.

Comey described the meetings and his note-taking in detail last week while testifying before the Senate intelligence committee.

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3 thoughts on “FBI denies CNN FOIA request for Comey’s Trump memos

  1. When you are voted in as a SERVING public official, in my mind your “personal” life is… during the time of service, PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE!!! If you go to the toilet, the public has the right to know, if they choose. You have no choice in the matter really because YOU CHOSE to be a public servant!!! The public has every right to know exactly WHO you really are if they don’t already! Period! And that DAMN SURE GOES FOR THE U.S. PRESIDENT… (income tax returns!) who under the law is equal to all Americans!!! 😡

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