OTTAWA — While President Trump has reserved his harshest words on trade for Mexico and China, Canada, one of America’s closest allies, has emerged as a major pressure point on trade, with the countries’ leaders trading barbs over lumber, dairy products, airplanes, and even magazine paper.

In the latest move, the Trump administration imposed a huge tariff on a new aircraft made by Montreal’s Bombardier to compensate for what it deemed unfair subsidies by Canadian governments.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Talks Tough on China and Mexico, but Trade Actions Hit Canada

  1. Hey! I resemble that remark, eh! You’re right, Robert, my countrymen are quite slippery customers. I’m thinking that Trump wants NAFTA gone and will insist on treaty inclusions that will force Canada to walk away. That would really hurt our economy, so I’m thankful that Trudeau signed a Free Trade deal with the EU recently. It will be an interesting next few months.

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    • Back in 1975, I traveled across the country and visited my “cousins” in Montreal. They were working class folks of Italian ancestry, bilingual, and surprisingly disdainful of Americans. They used the derogative slang “Merdicani” quite often.

      Considering the state of our two nations right now, John, I’d rather be a Canuck than a Merdicani – lol! I should renew my passport. 🙂


  2. You’re right, there’s anti-American sentiment in Canada, just as there is nationalistic arrogance among some Americans. Most Americans I know in person and online are good people. I think the USA would make a great 11th province in Canada! All kidding aside, I understand your anxiety about the current circumstances in America, and I’m confident that virtue and sanity will win out. Everyone around the world who looks up to America is frightened about the future. I know something of American history and that knowledge fuels my hope.

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