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Demophobia is a contagious disease, prevalent in decadent democracies that do not trust the demos and are scared of referenda. Elites usually prefer so-called “representative democracy”, wchich is considered safer, because senators, parliamentarians, members of Congress, and other “representatives” seldom care to represent the demos and are mostly subservient to the military-industrial-financial complex, the lobbies and the donors.

Alfred de Zayas

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5 thoughts on “Demophobia

  1. Yes, well, it has always been very bad. But now it is ww3 bad. And thinking of world wars, this one will be entirely our fault.
    Do you think, considering the exploitive nature of human beings with power over history and time, that humans can actually do something to change this fundamental class imbalance that has plagued us since the beginning?
    We really can’t change this, but maybe we can rid ourselves of gotard. This is not enough.

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    • That’s a complex question with many layers to it. I often tell people that because we have mitigated class imbalances in the past (e.g. 1930s-1970s America and 1950s-1990s Europe), we can certainly do so again. However, social stratification has been a persistent problem ever since the dawn of agricultural civilization.

      In my personal opinion, we humans seem to have evolved specifically for tribal social organization; and, our rapid advances in technology have rendered that evolutionary trait obsolete. So, we are in a quandary. We are unable to maintain our abnormally large population without a technological social hierarchy, yet our tribalistic nature makes that kind of social organization inherently unstable.

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