By Robert A. Vella

One of the trademarks of megalomania is how such leaders battle an increasing number of foes over time.  Eventually, they make so many enemies that their circle of supporters shrinks to the point where it can no longer psychologically support their prodigious egos.  Abandoned and isolated, the megalomaniac typically descends into utter madness as did Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler.

Why does this happen?  Does not the megalomaniac see the error of his ways?  The answer is no, they don’t.  Psychologically, they can’t.  The narcissism of megalomania is so profound, so complete, that it prohibits such self-reflection.  They simply cannot admit to being wrong even in the slightest.  This is the reason why megalomaniacs are never philosophical ideologues.  They cannot adhere to any ethic, moral, or principle superior to their personal thoughts and actions.  Megalomania is the archetype of arbitrary rule by decree.

Donald Trump fits this profile to a T.  Try to remember or find any instance when this classic megalomaniac ever took responsibility for his actions, admitted any mistake, expressed any guilt or remorse, or candidly pondered any self-reflection about himself.  If there have been such instances, they are certainly far and few between.  Such persons possess the greatest potential for destruction;  and, when politically enabled by the sick people of a wayward nation, that potential can be tragically realized.

Now, President Trump’s combative mania has found a new enemy.  Apparently, his aggression towards immigrants, the media, Democrats, officials in his own administration, Muslims, poor people, black people, numerous foreign leaders, Iran, North Korea, and much more, is not enough to quench his insatiable hostility.  Last week and over the weekend, Trump found another foe to assail – professional sports athletes, owners, and managerial people who dared to exercise their free speech rights over the issue of racial discrimination in America.  If you fail to see the bizarre capriciousness of Trump’s latest attack, go back and research the history of presidential reaction during the Civil Rights Era, and particularly those on Jackie Robinson who famously broke the “color barrier” in Major League Baseball.  Comparisons to Trump couldn’t be more stark.  Why?  Because those presidents, Democrat and Republican alike, were sane.

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15 thoughts on “Trump goes to war against professional sports

  1. Boycott the NFL, Trump is saying. That ain’t never gonna happen. Even for Trumpanzees, football is a sacred religion and an addictive habit that won’t be given up for anything. Oh, Trumpanzees will bitch and moan about those damned “unpatriotic” athletes who take a knee, but they won’t stop watching and betting on games. To do so would be….well…un-American. We’ve a total ass for our President.

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  2. Ugh, Robert… you may not have an accurate idea of how much time and effort I’ve had here in Texas explaining to Texans that THIS controversy has NOTHING to do with patriotism and burning flags, but EVERYTHING TO DO with publicity for a megalomaniac!!! (restrains himself from slapping some ears on people! LOL)

    I had to even (try and?) correct my Mom (77-years old) about what the NFL-Trump issue is really about. My Mom, for good or worse, was raised and grew-up in the American Era of strict gender-roles coming out of the Great Depression, WW2, Korea-Vietnam communism, and horrible Civil Rights protests turned ugly… and America has come out of all that just fine, strong! So that generation often (blindly?) perceives and lead by a POTUS savior-like leader and GOP. 😦

    I HAD to explain at length…

    “No Mom, this isn’t about not respecting veterans and their sacrifices. It isn’t about burning a U.S. flag made of cloth which is easily replaced by thousands! It isn’t about treason or being/becoming a traitor to your country! It isn’t about being unpatriotic!

    It IS about our Constitutional rights given and (supposedly?) enforced by the First Amendment! It is about TRUE DEMOCRACY for ALL Americans! Even those we disagree with peacefully and those we despise PEACEFULLY!

    And finally, it IS ABOUT a U.S. President (and GOP?) that doesn’t know or understand his own Constitution that he vowed to uphold and protect. More succinctly, he is a moron that obviously in middle school and high school (if he actually graduated?) failed or scored D’s in social studies and American History!!! For him it is about garnering attention and image.”

    Grrrrr, Robert, Robert, Robert… WHY is excellent quality BROAD education — i.e. even the liberal arts, fine arts, HISTORY (not just by the victors!), etc, not taught, NOT emphasized in our public curriculums. And of course that includes all the sciences! 😔 And now our own President is a product and epitomy of a lack of quality, broad, thorough, multi-angled American education. It’s now worse than just embarrassing and shameful.

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  4. Excellent esay, man. You nailed him. It’s sad that there is anyone can’t see this. It honestly is simple fact.

    Side note: when I read Jackie Robinson’s autobiography at about 11 years old it had an amazing impact on my life. No joke. I learned a lot. It was the first serious book I ever read.

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