Over recent years, concern about a coming hothouse mass extinction set off by human carbon emissions has been on the rise. Studies of Earth’s deep history reveal that at least 4 out of the 5 major mass extinctions occurred during both hothouse periods and during times when atmospheric and oceanic carbon spiked to much higher than normal ranges. Now a new scientific study reveals that we have already emitted 50 percent of the carbon needed to set off such a major global catastrophe.

Fossil Fuel Burning = Race Toward a 6th Mass Extinction

The primary driver of these events is rising atmospheric CO2 levels — often caused in the past by the emergence of masses of volcanoes or large flood basalt provinces (LIP in image below). In the case of the worst mass extinction — the Permian — the Siberian flood basalts were thought to have injected magma into…

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5 thoughts on “Half-way to Catastrophe — Global Hothouse Extinction to be Triggered by or Before 2100 Without Rapid Emissions Cuts

  1. As I commented over on Gary’s blog…

    Consumers must start IMMEDIATELY (as a whole, organized!) using much less or none at all of carbon-based fuels, petroleum-based products, and byproducts. Hitting these mega-energy corporations IN THEIR POCKET BOOKS is probably the only way their attention to this crisis will get serious! In my humble pseudo-informed opinion, that’s where the REAL power/difference lies.

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