Good read, highly recommended.  Here’s an excerpt:

Trump smells too much of neo-fascism – a clownish and highly venal version, to be sure – for the tastes and needs of the U.S, ruling class. He’s not how the American wealth and power elite rolls. If the U.S. is “fascist,” its fascism cooks on a low flame and small burner. It exhibits a distinctly “inverted” (demobilized and neoliberal, plutocratic, “market”-mediated and corporate-managed) form of the disease. To say this, however is not to praise to the contemporary U.S., with its vicious, eco-cidal ruling class and its reigning sociopathic institutions. Under the “inverted totalitarianism” (U.S. political scientist Sheldon Wolin’s term) that is 21st century America’s “corporate-managed democracy” (Wolin again), many of the basic objectives of fascism – the defeat of unions and the working class, the degradation of democracy, the enforcement of hierarchy and savage inequality, racial subordination, the marginalization of the Left, racial divide and rule, militarization of society, and permanent arms and war economy – are achieved without the discomfort and uncertainly imposed by barking dictators, and marching, torch-carrying brown-shirts.

From a psychological point of view, Trump’s resignation from office is possible and perhaps even likely. As detailed in this fine editorial, “the Clockwork Orangutan” has alienated so many potential allies that his circle of defenders has shrunk to the point of exposing the bare emotional walls surrounding his megalomania. For such power-hungry individuals, that prospect is simply unbearable. When Trump finally realizes that he can’t have his own way, he’ll look for the nearest exit.

Source: Wonder if the Arch-authoritarian Racist Idiot Donald Trump will Make it to 2020? by Paul Street

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  1. Thanks for sharing Street’s article, Robert. His remarks that you’ve highlighted echo Nancy MacLean’s historical record of the Koch Brother stealth plan to upend our democratic republic in favor of a pure (unfettered) free-market capitalist economy. Trump embodies the true face of our “corporate-managed democracy.” And it’s repulsive to the majority of Americans who still hold dear the ideals of a true democracy.

    Our president is no fictional character of our “fake news” network. He is for real.

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  2. Thanks for a great re-post, Robert!

    When, not if, The Donald resigns, it will be to a glorious blast from a chorus of trumpets declaring total victory denied him only by Fake News and ‘really bad’ politicos, like Flake the Flake. He will say that he obviously won by any standard of accounting by his many Presidential Orders and that the will of The People, read here ‘Das Volk,’ was thwarted by an alt-left that will regret the day they did not recognize his truly heroic, self-giving, non-biased regard for one and all citizens without regard to color, race, ethnic origin or religion. He probably will not claim that the alt-left tried to burn down the White House because even the most illiterate of our public will remember the accusations of the burning of the Reichstag by the evil Comminists. Well, the public probably haven’t a clue about that almost repeated history, OK. History will show him a self-promoting, lying sob who hasn’t the ability to run a major corporation, much less a country. He will probably pardon his family and associates of any and all convictions in their futures and try to pardon himself because he thinks he would be indicted and convicted of gross crimes against the USA.

    Since it seems to be the fact that a sitting President cannot be convicted of a crime, I’m altogether satisfied with a simple impeachment conviction, not merely a bill of impeachment!

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  3. Trump: “I tried to make America great again, but Democrats, liberals, blacks, women, Mexicans, and John McCain made it impossible. I therefor resign the Presidency and will use my time golfing instead. I’ve had VERY little time to golf since I became President. MELANIA!!! GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR, WE’RE OUTTA HERE!!!!”

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  4. He’s looking for a way out. He wants to be removed from office, because then he can escape the miserable failure his predicency is/has been, and he can spin it to his benefit.

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