Not only are millennials work-obsessed, but they’re actively stressed about it — and they’re very much aware of that stress . But many aren’t taking steps to do something about it, and that’s probably because most younger workers just plain need the money. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials earn $2,000 less than their parents did, on average, at a comparable age. They’re also more likely to not only live at home, but potentially live in poverty.

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4 thoughts on “Study: Millennials Are Poor and Work-Obsessed

  1. 5-10% less, give or take, in dollars. How much less in buying power? There has been inflation over the last 25 years, and significant work benefits have been lost. So, what percentage of loss wages are the millennials really stuck with?

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    • The stagnation of median income (i.e. workers’ wages, unemployment and underemployment) – since the Reagan administration – juxtaposed with a concurrent increase in the wealth gap (i.e. social stratification) is largely to blame here.

      Inflation, not so much. It’s a red herring issue regularly argued by rich people. Inflation hasn’t been a big economic problem (stifling growth) in the U.S. since the oil shocks of the 1970s – the tail-end of the post-WWII boom.

      However, the drastic reduction of worker benefits (e.g. healthcare, pensions) over that period has indeed hit Millennials hard – mostly attributed to the demise of labor unions.

      And, of course, there’s the student debt problem.

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