Republicans are in shock this weekend as the chaos around the Trump White House reaches a new intensity.

Recent days have brought a deluge of drama.


Mac Stipanovich, a veteran GOP operative in Florida who is close to the Bush family, recalled Jeb Bush’s comment during last year’s Republican presidential primary that Trump would be “the chaos president” if elected.

“I think that is absolutely the case. It’s not even a matter of interpretation,” Stipanovich said. “We don’t have any effective government, we don’t have any effective leadership and the White House is a snake-pit.”


On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday, GOP strategist Rick Tyler declared Trump’s presidency “effectively over.”

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17 thoughts on “The Memo: GOP in shock over White House drama

  1. These developing findings are like sour stinky reruns of tRump’s 2004 game show The Apprentice. Only, this is real life, actual Washington D.C. circus and tRump is the worst ring-leader. 😮

    This is what makes it so damn near impossible to be a proud American today — disgrace and shame are beginning to fall short of the debacle that is our White House. Geeezzz, let’s get this nightmare over with already…impeach!!! 🤢

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  2. Don’t worry, it’s not just the US, substitute “Westminster” for “White House” and we have a similar lack of effective (or even ineffective) government in the UK. Seems to be a sign of the times, didn’t Nostradamus predict this? Or am I thinking of the Book of Revelations?

    Hang on, did I start this reply with “don’t worry” – what was I thinking?

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